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Scoliosis is identified by a lateral curvature of the spine with a rotational component. This asymmetrical development of the spines vertebrae has several distinguishing features which can include the unevenness of the shoulders and hips, a change in the direction of the spinal column, a tendency to hold one arm anterior to the torso, or a posterior bulge of ribs in the thoracic region.

how can yoga help?

A body with scoliosis can develop a more normal structural alignment by combining breathing awareness with yoga poses. Learning to breathe fully into the area of discomfort, on the side of the lung and ribs where the breath does not flow easily, while lengthening the spine can help achieve re-alignment by moving the spine back towards the center of the body. When de-rotating the spine through twists, it is possible to gain alignment and balance in the body. Strengthening the leg, abdominal, and spinal muscles can help prevent further lateral curvature. Hanging in inverted poses allows for realignment of the body through the release of tension in tight muscles and by defying gravity with the creation of more space between vertebrae.

With a strong commitment to awareness and regular practice, most people with scoliosis achieve better posture with less pain and an improved quality of life.

yoga for back care

Sedentary life styles, poor posture, obesity, stress, limited ranges of motion in the hips and shoulder joints, and normal wear associated with aging leaves us at risk for back problems, which can eventually involve the whole body and are not merely caused by weak abdominal or lumbar muscles. Through specific sequences of yoga poses designed to develop flexibility and strength in the muscles and the spine, each individual can maintain a healthy back and prevent future back pain.

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What people are saying...

"I have been practicing yoga for many years. Much to my surprise I encountered a jewel of a yoga instructor at the Community Education and Services program in my local school district. Andrea brings another dimension to my yoga practice. In her warm and compassionate way we are encouraged to explore our own limits. Whether it is in a group of 16 or 6, Andrea has the talent to tap into everyone’s individual needs. She has created a relaxed, zen-like atmosphere in her home studio which makes additional sessions most enjoyable. It is apparent that Andrea is well-trained. In her supportive ways she makes every session a rewarding experience. The most difficult part of my yoga sessions with Andrea is leaving. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a master. It is a pleasure and an honor to attend her class." Susan S.