Friday, December 13th, 2013

At this busy time of year we all have so much to be thankful for. Perhaps this would be a good time for all of us to create a new daily habit and start a gratitude list. The messages that we give to ourselves are the most important messages we hear. These internal thoughts determine our attitudes, behavior and the course of our lives.

Let’s decide that every day we are going to write one thing we are grateful for. Let that thing become a mantra in your head by repeating it over and over throughout the day.
Make each thought a full sentence that begins with, “I’m grateful for …” or “I’m grateful that …” This way, it’s a complete thought, and you’re not just listing things or people, but actively associating them with giving thanks.
Your list can be composed of specific things like—Honey Nut Cheerios, cell phones, cabs, or abstract things like—courage, perspective, or help in all its forms. It can be about small things—funny things —or big things like—friends and their love. Just go with what comes to you.

Overtime, I hope we will all see the benefits of cultivating gratitude and how rich our lives really are.

Here are seven things I am grateful for —-
• I am grateful for yoga, my teachers, and my students
• I’m grateful for my morning tea ritual.
• I’m grateful that I have a loving family.
• I am grateful for my dog Teddy.
• I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to dance.
• I’m grateful for my cozy bed.
• I am grateful for my daily walk and the smell of fresh air.
Now—you create your list and let’s keep each other going!

That sense of commitment will give us all the push we need to write our thought(s) on days when it seems hard. Sharing something from our lists in class will help us all access our own gratitude more easily and it will be fun to progress together!


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"You are the BEST! Being in your class has been a real joy! I have taken yoga classes for many years and have never felt better. I always feel well stretched, and that is good. My inner core has never felt stronger and the strength and stamina is something I have never felt before. I have really noticed the changes. Thanks for your instruction and inner strength." Sheryl O.