roll out your mat and get started

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Yoga can help you –

Feel more relaxed and at ease
Increase energy levels
Improve flexibility as you gradually loosen up
Strengthen muscles
Improve posture
Take joints through their full range of motion
Sleep better
Nourish the spinal discs
Strengthen bones with weight bearing poses
Get the blood flowing and aids circulation
Improve your mood and attitude by raising serotonin levels
Reduce stress and quiet the mind
Age gracefully
Become more aware of your experiences from moment to moment

Yoga can help you make changes in all aspects of your life,
so roll out your mat and get started!

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What people are saying...

"I could not have imagined feeling both relaxed and invigorated at the same time until I met Andrea Kayam and began taking classes at her yogabody studio. I have taken both private and group sessions with Andrea. As an experienced teacher of yoga, she has the remarkable ability to gauge the needs of her students each time she teaches a class and to adapt the day’s practice accordingly. She urges students to challenge themselves to go farther each time, while emphasizing that there is no “perfect pose” that must be achieved. Her patience and sense of humor motivate her students to try new techniques comfortably because there is no such thing as failure. During the two years that I have worked with Andrea, I have developed more strength and flexibility and have learned to use breathing both in and out of class to control tension. I recommend yogabody to anyone who wishes to improve his or her quality of life." Linda W.