what is hatha yoga?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means to bind together or “to yoke.” This ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice has roots going back 5,000 years to India. The essence of Hatha Yoga is the transformation of the mind, body and spirit.

Hatha Yoga is a classical system which coordinates body, breath, and mental focus. These are all systems of the body that regularly interact with one another. Yoga will increase your flexibility, balance and strength, while reducing stress, allowing the body to look and feel better.

what can I expect from yogabody classes?

We can help deepen awareness and practice, and guide you in the development of an individual yoga “body”.

At yogabody, each class is an eclectic blend of elements from various Hatha Yoga styles with attention to alignment and sequencing (Iyengar yoga). We teach how to breathe, relax, feel, watch, and allow the body to develop and transform. We use props to allow each body to perform and access all the poses safely and with ease.

Each class begins with a brief meditation and centering to encourage an inward focus and to quiet the mind. Next, a joint freeing series is used to warm up and free restrictive joints which prevent the coming into or holding of a pose. Then, the class flows through a combination of asana (isolated postures) and vinyasa (a series of poses linked together with the breath) increasing range of motion to create a feeling of lightness and exhilaration. Finally, the savasana (relaxation) at the end of a class will allow the body and mind to fully absorb the benefits of the practice.

We encourage students to just observe what is being felt without any judgment and to enjoy the yoga. Yoga is a practice as well as a process. Be patient and allow the changes to happen gradually.

You will leave class feeling refreshed, renewed, and revitalized!

how can I find more information?

Please contact us for more information about yogabody!

What people are saying...

"I have been attending yoga classes for the last 30+years. In that time I have experienced some good & not so good instructors. Once I entered Andrea's class I knew that she was someone special. She is an excellent yoga instructor. She is bright, informative, encouraging and is filled with patience and good humor. .She is able to get you to places in your practice that you never believed you would be able to achieve. I feel so fortunate to have Andrea as my teacher.She radiates amazing positive energy to all she comes in contact with and I thank her for always being able to leave her class and say 'she's the best!'" Nanette L.