We specialize in hatha yoga, chair yoga, yoga for scoliosis, yoga for back care, and restorative yoga.

At yogabody we offer small group, private, and therapeutic yoga sessions, emphasizing the healing qualities of yoga, available by appointment. No matter what age, health status, level of fitness, flexibility or state of mind, you can attain the benefits of yoga both on the mat and in your daily life.

Revitalize, refresh and renew your whole being with Hatha Yoga!

our philosophy

Yoga postures are whole body movements that help you gain overall balance, strength, flexibility, alignment and focus. A regular practice can help reduce stress and leave us with a feeling of oneness of mind, body and soul.

At yogabody we believe the constant struggles and attitudes that characterize our busy lives are reflected in our yoga practice and how we approach each pose. For example, if we are stressed in the see-saw of daily life we may breathe rapidly or even hold our breath in each pose. This can create tension in the body and impair our ability to balance and hold the pose without discomfort. Through yoga we learn to become more aware of our bodies and to slow down the breath to a more even rhythm. This helps us gain focus and control of the pose with ease and steadiness.

Our philosophy is that through a well-rounded practice of yoga each student can develop a “yoga lifestyle.” This maintains using the tools and lessons learned in each class to guide us through our day to day choices. As we apply what we learn on the mat to our daily lives, we will expand our perspectives and focus, gaining greater connection to our inner-core. Ultimately, this helps to achieve an increased sense of balance and control with a healthier and more centered life.

about andrea kayam, ryt

andrea about

Andrea Kayam was raised in Belle Harbor, NY. She holds a Masters in Architecture from Columbia University and a Masters in Education from Queens College. She was certified to teach yoga by Diana Treglia of Yoga Spectrum in 1995, and teaches yoga in a variety of settings; community centers, senior centers, yoga studios, and private sessions. She continues to expand her knowledge of yoga by attending seminars and workshops including studying meditation with Jill Slatterfield, founder of Vira Yoga & School for Commpassionate Action, NYC. In March, 2002 she completed a Thai-Yoga Body Work training with Jonas Westring of Thai Yoga Healing. In August 2010 she completed a teacher training in Yoga for Scoliosis and Back Care with Elise Browning Miller at Kripalu, MA. She has continued her studies with Ms. Miller at YogaWorks, Soho, in September 2010 and October 2011. In January 2012 she completed a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Jillian Pransky. Andrea has practiced Iyengar yoga for the last five years and integrates the benefits of its intelligent sequence progression and attention to alignment in her classes.

Andrea is a sensitive, knowledgeable, and compassionate teacher who loves working with people. She intuitively understands the individual needs of her students and can support them by modifying the poses, and the use of hands-on adjustments in a nurturing environment. She has first hand knowledge of acute back distress having suffered from chronic back pain since 1989. She came to yoga to learn how to correct the problem and restore herself to good health. Through yoga, she not only combated the physical effects of back pain but developed greater body awareness, and inner strength. She noticed that as she practiced on a regular basis her body became more flexible, and so did her thinking. As her muscles became stronger so did her inner power. In learning to care for her back, she learned that yoga also provided skills for coping with the ups and downs of daily life. The benefits were a more balanced, joyful, and meaningful life. Andrea’s vision is to share her passion for yoga and insights that she learns through her personal yoga practice. She brings both knowledge and grace to all her classes.

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What people are saying...

"I could not have imagined feeling both relaxed and invigorated at the same time until I met Andrea Kayam and began taking classes at her yogabody studio. I have taken both private and group sessions with Andrea. As an experienced teacher of yoga, she has the remarkable ability to gauge the needs of her students each time she teaches a class and to adapt the day’s practice accordingly. She urges students to challenge themselves to go farther each time, while emphasizing that there is no “perfect pose” that must be achieved. Her patience and sense of humor motivate her students to try new techniques comfortably because there is no such thing as failure. During the two years that I have worked with Andrea, I have developed more strength and flexibility and have learned to use breathing both in and out of class to control tension. I recommend yogabody to anyone who wishes to improve his or her quality of life." Linda W.